The Wellness Toolbox and WRAP

During a WRAP course the Wellness Toolbox and each section of the WRAP is explored in detail.

The Wellness Toolbox is the first part of a WRAP and provides the foundation for the six sections that follow.  It is a list of all the things that help you to stay well and enhance your wellbeing.

1. Daily Maintenance Plan – there are three parts to this section: a description of what you are like when you are well; a list of things that you need to do daily for you to stay well; and a list of optional extras, things that you need to do regularly, but not every day.

2. Triggers – these are events or circumstances that are not in your control that can make you feel uncomfortable, distressed or upset.

3. Early Warning Signs – these are subtle internal signs that indicate to you that you are feeling less well.

Knowing what our Triggers and Early Warning Signs are allows us to take action by planning how we can look after ourselves when we experience a triggering event or an early warning sign.

4. When Things Are Breaking Down – there are times when symptoms or experiences become very uncomfortable and possibly serious but we are still able to take action for ourselves.  The action plan in this section should be short and directive.

5. Crisis Plan/Advance Directive – this part of the plan helps you maintain some degree of control when it feels like everything is out of control.  Writing a crisis plan or advance directive when you are well helps others to support you when you are in crisis.

6. Post Crisis Plan – this plan bridges the gap between crisis and wellness.  It is a plan to help you take gradual steps back to wellness.

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