WRAP for Counsellors

A live, online, interactive, and experiential 6-week course, 2 hours a week

Are you working or training in the counselling profession?

If you are looking for a structured, confidential, supportive, small group experience where you can build your resources and resilience read on to find out more about what we’re offering.

Lucy and Molly work alongside you as peers in this unique, experiential course.  We bring our own lived experience of WRAP and what it’s like to work in a rewarding yet challenging profession.

What is Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)?

WRAP is a structured framework that provides you with a complete action plan, unique to you, for coping with life when it is good, when it is not, and everything in between. 

The course is a facilitated discussion, giving you that rare time to focus on yourself. 

This is what you’ll get on the course:

  • small group, maximum 8 participants
  • live, online, interactive, experiential and fun!
  • course handouts provided
  • 6 x 2-hour live sessions
  • CPD certificate of attendance – 12 hours
  • explore ways of managing health and wellbeing
  • discuss existing and new wellness tools to support wellbeing
  • identify stressors and early warning signs
  • create action plans for times when life gets challenging
  • discuss crisis planning
  • continue to develop self-awareness and resilience
  • share experience and learn from others
  • it’s all about you!

A bit like therapy, the magic happens in the room (on Zoom in this case!)  Here is some feedback we have had from people who have attended our courses:

Both (Lucy and Molly) knew their stuff and not only listened to us but also participated with their own experiences which made it easier for me to share.  It was not a ‘we are here to fix you’ experience but rather a shared, real life, we are all human experience.  I appreciated that very much.

Self-Advocacy – I believe that I didn’t know the power that my own voice has. That people would listen when or if I spoke up. This unlocked so many avenues for hope and better experiences for me.

I think the experience as a whole has been really enjoyable and thought provoking, enabling me to open up, listen to other people’s experiences and reflect on how I look after myself, helping me find the tools to take care of myself in future situations, that has been invaluable.

I have enjoyed both courses I have attended with both Molly and Lucy. They are friendly and kind. They are very adept at creating a safe and understanding environment. The best thing is that they aren’t ashamed to share their own experiences with it, the things that work or still do/don’t work for them!

It’s well structured and straight forward. Along with the course and the guidance of the facilitators it is something I can implement and work on myself from this point forward. And that is really important.

The relaxed, safe & friendly environment that was created for the whole course was excellent. Loved that the facilitators also joined in sharing their personal experiences. Lucy & Molly work so well as a team – each bringing their own style & personality. They gently encouraged everyone to participate, easing our levels of anxiety.

Course dates & times – new date to be added soon!

Course curriculum

Session 1Starting our journey – Support document – Recovery Concepts and WRAP – Hope
Session 2Personal Responsibility – Education – Self Advocacy
Session 3Support – Wellness Toolbox – Daily Plan
Session 4Stressors – Early Warning Signs
Session 5When Things Break Down – Crisis Plan
Session 6Post Crisis Plan – Re-cap – Celebrating the journey



How to book

If you would like to join us, please email Lucy or Molly:

Lucy – lucy@coastalwellbeing.co.uk

Molly – molly@coastalwellbeing.co.uk

We will get back to you with a short application form for you to complete along with the course terms and conditions. 

If you have any questions or need more information, please get in touch – no question is a silly question. 😊

We look forward to sharing WRAP with you!