The Wellness Toolbox and WRAP

During a WRAP course the Wellness Toolbox and each section of the WRAP is explored in detail.

Wellness Toolbox

The Wellness Toolbox is the first part of a WRAP and provides the foundation for the six sections that follow.  It is a list of all the skills and strategies you have used or want to use to keep yourself well and to help you feel better when you do not feel well.

Daily Plan

This is a description of you when you are well and a list of the essential wellness tools that you need to do every day to generate wellness, and a list of things you might consider doing that day to maintain wellness.

Stressors & Action Planning

Also known as triggers, these are events, circumstances or situations that might cause uncomfortable feelings or behaviours.  Action Planning enables you to plan for what to do when you experience a stressor or a trigger.

Early Warning Signs & Action Planning

These are signs that may indicate that your situation is beginning to worsen.  Action Planning enables you to prepare a plan for when you notice these early warning signs.

When Things Are Breaking Down

This part of WRAP is used when you are still comfortable taking action on your own behalf without support and includes a plan for what to do when these signs occur.

Crisis Plan/Advance Directive

This part of the plan helps you to identify signs that indicate you may need to ask for additional support in making decisions or keeping yourself safe.  You can use the crisis plan with supporters and healthcare providers, if you choose.

Post Crisis Plan

This includes questions to help guide you through the challenging time when you are healing from a crisis and helps you to return to using your daily plan.

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