WRAP for Carers

WRAP for Carers Course – Newhaven, East Sussex

This course is for carers registered at the following GP surgeries:

  • Havens Health, Peacehaven (previously Meridian and Rowe Avenue surgeries
  • Quayside Surgery, Newhaven
  • Chapel Street Surgery, Newhaven

Where: Hillcrest Centre, Newhaven
Day & Time: Monday, 10am to 1pm
Session Dates:
3 June, 10 June,
17 June, 24 June, 1 July

To book your place on this workshop please contact one of us or Amanda at Care for the Carers on amandad@cftc.org.uk or call 01323 738 390 ext 304.

WRAP for Carers Course – Uckfield, East Sussex

A free 6-week WRAP Course for Carers – join other carers to focus on your wellbeing in a supportive group.

You can book your place on Eventbrite or please contact us with your details and we will book for you.

Where: Sussex Support Service, Victoria Pavilion, Uckfield
Day & Time:
Wednesday, 10am to 1pm
Session Dates:
1 May, 8 May,
15 May, 22 May,
29 May, 5 June

Are you concerned about leaving your cared for person at home alone?

If required, there is an opportunity for your cared for person to be in the same building whilst you attend this course.

There will be tea, coffee and chat, with activities tailored around those attending.

If you would like to take up this offer, please contact us for more information and to book a place for your cared for person.

Are you a carer living in East Sussex?

  • Wondering whether you will ever feel like you again?
  • Needing connection?
  • Looking for empathy & understanding?

How can WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) help?

On a WRAP course you can…

  • Discover wellness tools
  • Create a daily wellness plan
  • Identify triggers and early warning signs
  • Learn about action planning for times when life gets challenging
  • Explore crisis planning
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Share experience with and learn from other carers
  • Focus on your wellbeing
  • Be supported, valued, and respected in a safe space with experienced facilitators, Lucy & Molly

This course “gives you a chance to look at your wellness from a new perspective. The concept of having a plan for my wellness had never even entered my mind before taking part in this course. It not only helps you see issues from a new perspective but also gives you a simple way in which to make changes that anybody can do.”

Course Participant

** Workshops for Carers **

Are you short on time?

Are you supporting a friend, partner, or family member in an emotional and/or physical role who couldn’t manage without you? If so, these workshops are for you.

  • Wondering if there is a safe space to feel like you again?
  • Needing connection?
  • Looking for empathy & understanding?

New workshops coming summer 2024 – watch this space!

Who can attend?

The WRAP for Carers courses and Wellbeing Workshops are open to unpaid carers living in East Sussex caring for an adult aged 18+

How do I book my place?

WRAP courses and Wellbeing Workshops for carers are free of charge and booking is essential. Please see each listing for booking details.

If you need more information or would prefer to book with us direct, please get in touch:

Molly – 07507 734 370 or molly@coastalwellbeing.co.uk
Lucy – 07598 323 254 or lucy@coastalwellbeing.co.uk

Want to know more about WRAP and what to expect on a course?

Why attend a Wellbeing Workshop or WRAP for Carers course?

Caring for someone can leave little time for thinking about self-care, let alone doing it. 

Carers are experts at looking after others, paying close attention to the needs of the person/people they care for, noticing when things are not quite right, checking if they are feeling ok, if they need anything. 

But as carers how often do we ask that of ourselves? And what if we’re not ok or we need to take some time out for ourselves, how do we do that?

These are some of the things we talk about in our workshops and on a WRAP course. 

Self-care is often at the bottom of the list for carers, a luxury to be fitted in only if there is time, which so often there isn’t.  So how do we make time to look after our own wellbeing? 

In our experience and learning from the many carers we have worked with, it’s about claiming moments when we can, learning to say no to some things and yes to others, asking for help when we need it and knowing that we are not alone.

WRAP can help you discover what wellness tools work best for you, whom you can turn to for support, how to take personal responsibility for your wellbeing and what helps you when life gets challenging or you notice that you are not coping as well as you normally would.  WRAP supports you focus on your strengths and find your voice.

If you haven’t got time for a six-week course, joining a Wellbeing Workshop will give you the opportunity to explore what wellness means to you, connect with other carers and take some time out for your own wellbeing.

Project funding

This project is funded by a grant gratefully received from the East Sussex County Council Carers Small Grants Programme.  Details of upcoming courses and workshops will be posted on this page.

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