WRAP for Drug & Alcohol Recovery – Next Course Starts on 7 December in Lewes

How can WRAP help with drug and alcohol addiction?

WRAP is a tool for life – it’s a system for monitoring, reducing and eliminating uncomfortable or distressing behaviours and feelings, including addictions.  A WRAP encourages you to focus on your personal resources, strengths and wellness.  It is based on empowerment and personal responsibility.

This is what participants have said were the best aspects of attending a WRAP for Drug & Alcohol Recovery course:

“Meeting people and knowing that I’m not alone”
“This has been a great experience and I’ve learnt a lot”
“Meeting like-minded people”
“Finding tools to help myself”
“Meeting new people and knowing that I’m worth it”
“Sharing with others – not being alone”
“Learning strategies to help deal with problems”
“The ability to learn and look outward and make decisions that need to be addressed”
“The non-judgemental environment, positive outlook and professionalism”

If you are thinking about stopping using drugs and/or alcohol or want to stay stopped, attending a WRAP group will provide you with the opportunity to explore ways to support and enhance your wellbeing as well as new tools for dealing with the challenges you face in recovery.  WRAP provides you with a framework which can support you in every part of your life.

The next WRAP for Drug & Alcohol Recovery six-session course starts on Monday, 7 December in Lewes.  This course is FREE of charge and booking is essential.  You can download an application form on our Drug & Alcohol Recovery Page.